STANFILM is not a production company.
STANFILM is a Freelancing crossmedia project between the photographer Anne Gabriel-Jürgens and the Cinematographer Stefan Lindenau. We like to shoot portaits about interesting people, companies and social projects for documentaries and documercial.

Our first project is a documercial about the milliner Ulla Machalett and her passion about handcraft-making hats and caps. This No-Budget film was carried out by us including directing and editing.


We are based in Hamburg ( germany ) and Zürich ( switzerland )
If you are interesting about our work or have an idea for a new project, feel free to contact us.

Anne Gabriel-Jürgens

Stefan Lindenau

This documercial about the milliner Ulla Machalett is the first work of the label STAN FILM.
Photographer Anne Gabriel-Jürgens and DoP Stefan Lindenau produced this project, including concept 
directing and editing.

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